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I am a MBA Project Management Professor, author of three books about project Management and I read and search a lot to prepare my books and my classes.

To help you to find the best books that I have found and bought I will share them in this article by category using knowledge areas and expertise with the link to buy at Amazon.

Introduction to Maturity in Project Management

Maturity in Project Management Series[1]

By Russell D. Archibald & Darci Prado

Introduction to a SERIES of ARTICLES on Maturity of Organizations in Project Management

This is the first of a series of articles on this important subject. This article provides a general introduction to the topic of measuring project management (PM) maturity, the benefits that this measurement can provide, and identifies some of the models that are being used for that purpose. Subsequent articles in this series with cover these topics:


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Project Management Office

Escritorio de Projetos (Project Management Office in Portuguese) enables people and their companies to succeed in their projects through free solutions and services, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We are an online PMO (Project Management Office) which wants to offer you the best free project management content.

No matter what industry you're in, project managers are always in high demand. Project management (PM) professionals are the brainpower behind bringing business goals to life. From the original planning stages to organizing and leading progress, certified project managers bring skills to the table that are valued by businesses looking to meet and surpass their growth projections.

The best project managers have an analytical mindset, but today that alone is not enough. They also need the tools to evaluate and analyze project requirements as they see each project through completion. Those in the field that have a specialized understanding of these tools are likely to demand higher salary and have more opportunities placed in front of them.

Project management courses are an important step in acquiring the knowledge and skills that today's top employers are looking for. Many employers are seeking individuals with credentials like Prince2 or PMP certification, but the best courses to achieve these certifications offer a broad, comprehensive program covering many disciplines of project management.

Maturity in Project Management Series[1]

By Russell D. Archibald & Darci Prado

This is the third of a series of articles on PPPMM.

Foundations of the Prado-PM Maturity Model

The Prado-PM Maturity Model (Prado-PMMM) was launched in December 2002 and reflects forty years of experience on the subject by Darci Prado within IBM and two large, Brazilian international consulting firms: INDG and FALCONI. The initial goal was to create a simple and easy to use model that provides reliable results. Since 2002 it has been used by hundreds of Brazilian organizations and others in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the USA, and the results obtained are consistent with expectations, and with what have been obtained with a thorough, much more lengthy diagnosis. This model has also been used since 2005 in a maturity survey conducted in Brazil by Darci Prado and Russell Archibald [1]. This same survey was conducted in Italy in 2010.

Maturity in Project Management Series[1]

By Russell D. Archibald & Darci Prado

This is the fourth of a series of articles on PPPMM.

PM Maturity for Project Categories[2]


Here we describe the need for systematically categorizing the many different types of projects that exist, discuss a few of the many possible ways to categorize them, and present a widely used project categorization approach that has proven practical for many organizations. That project categorization model has been used since 2005 in the project management (PM) maturity research conducted using the Prado PM Maturity Model in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and the United States.

Maturity in Project Management Series[1]

By Russell Archibald, Darci Prado & Warlei Oliveira

This is the fifth of a series of articles on PPPMM.

Maturity, Success and Competitiveness


One issue that has always attracted the attention of professionals involved in project, program, and portfolio management (PPPM) is to be able to quantitatively demonstrate the value of this practice and to see it recognized by organizations. We believe that the Brazilian Experience with PPPM Maturity has brought an important contribution to this issue. Brazil is the seventh largest world economy (according to The World Bank) and has a dynamic community of project and program management, highlighted by the 14 active chapters of the PMI and the national IPMA-Brazil Association. The Brazilian Experience with PPPM Maturity is distinguished by longevity (since 2005), the range of participants (the 2012 survey had 434 participating organizations), by frank acceptance by the PPPM community, by the huge amount of results given, and by the consistency of those results.


This article is about the combination of the Blue Ocean Strategy together with a Project Management Methodology with the objective to help Small and Medium Companies to surpass the actual financial turmoil and tough competitiviness in the red ocean in order to find their own blue ocean.

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